There are many ways in which a car accident can hurt your body even if the most severe
damage was to your car alone. Below are some of the most common injuries that can result
from auto accidents:

● Whiplash: Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that can result from being in a
car accident. You may have experienced whiplash if your body was suddenly shaken
hard enough to make your neck lurch forward and backward.
● Bone fractures: The most common bone fracture sustained during a car accident is on
the wrist. A few factors influence how the wrists bend during a car crash. Driver hand
placement on the wheel is one of them.
● Dislocated joints: Force from a collision and the place of impact on the body may result
in shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist, or foot dislocations.
● Face injuries: Car accidents may result in facial scarring typically from impact with
broken glass, steering wheel, or other objects.
● Herniated disc: The spine is subjected to a lot of pressure due to the intense force of an
accident. This pressure can lead to a herniated disc which can cause pain, tingling,
numbness, and burning in the back and down the legs.
● Concussion or traumatic brain injuries: Compared to other injury types, brain injuries are
not always immediately apparent.
● Psychological Injuries: The psychological injuries that can happen from a car accident
include extreme anxiety, PTSD, phobia, and depression.

Due to a person being in shock following an accident, the extent of their injuries may not be
immediately evident. It is advisable to go for medical care right away even if you think you were
only mildly hurt. You can never tell if there’s something life-threatening or not.

One of the complex steps after a car accident involves insurance and legal obligations. It is
advisable to speak to a car accident lawyer before you discuss anything with your insurance
company. Let your lawyer handle the communication with the insurance company. This is
because insurance companies have a history of coming up with creative ways to trick their
customers into accepting less than the full value of the compensation they deserve.
One thing to consider if the insurance company does not offer enough settlement for car
damage or personal injury, or denies your claim altogether is legal recourse. You need a
California personal injury lawyer who can handle auto accident cases to represent you and
get maximum compensation for you.

When meeting with a car accident attorney, always be as thorough as possible and make sure
to provide any information that could pertain to the case. An attorney needs every bit of
information they can get to properly assess your case and provide you with the right legal

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