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Why Has Driving Become Riskier in California?

Did You know? California accounts for nearly 11% of the nation’s total auto deaths. The last decade has witnessed a steep rise of 23% in fatalities caused by car accidents. 

On average, hundreds of thousands of car accidents occur across the state. Out of those, there were more than 270,000 injuries and 3800 total fatalities. 

Nearly half of accident victims suffer lasting disabilities such as brain damage, paralysis, amputation, and other significant injuries that negatively impact their lives. Driving on the 405, 101, 10, 15, 210, 57, 110, 710, 605, or the 5 is often bumper-to-bumper, with plenty of risk for rear-end collisions. Bikers are free to lane split, leading to sideswipe incidents or collisions merging lanes. 

Proving Negligence in a Car Accident Claim: What to Know 

Whether you win your accident lawsuit case is often determined by the legal theory of negligence. Negligence happens when a person is guilty of causing injury or harm to another person. The law requires a person to be careful when driving a vehicle, follow the speed limit, and be aware of road obstacles, pedestrians, or other drivers. If you fail to apply caution or care, it can be considered negligence.

If you have sustained catastrophic injuries causing you pain and suffering, as well as other damages following a car accident, we can help you determine if any negligence was involved, so the guilty parties can be held responsible.

But, proving the negligence is not easy as it requires you to show:

  • The defendant owed a duty to the injured party (plaintiff);
  • The defendant breached this duty in some way;
  • That violation produced the victim’s injuries;
  • The harm might have been reasonably foreseeable based on the defendant’s carelessness;
  • The victim suffered actual damages (medical bills, lost

wages, etc.)

Our Lionsgate Car Accident Attorneys not only hold the negligent party responsible but also assess your case to ensure all relevant parties are held responsible. This can include third parties, such as Uber, construction companies, employers, and more.

Understanding the Value of Your Case

What should you expect from a personal injury settlement after a car accident? It depends on certain factors, and there is no fixed amount for a car accident case. Once the attorney is familiar with the details of your case, they can better determine the value of your case and help you secure the highest possible compensation.

Several circumstances will most likely influence the value of your claim. These factors include:

Each party's insurance policy

Insurance policies have varying deductibles and policy limits. Our attorneys carefully review the policies of both parties to make sure we can maximize compensation.  

The ability to document the accident scene to prove liability

If you are involved in a vehicular accident, it’s important that you capture photos of the scene, showing how the accident took place, and the damage to all vehicles involved. 

Your current and future medical expenses

Be sure to keep a record of any medical bills from the start of the accident. This will help our attorneys get you compensated for any money spent on seeking medical attention. 

Your ability to work following the accident

It is important to keep record of any loss of wages due to the inability to work post-accident. This can be included in your case to obtain maximum compensation. 

The impact on your life, both now and in the future

Some car accidents leave victims with long-term injuries and changes to their quality of life that deserve compensation. 

Keep up with safety recalls

Keep up with safety recalls for your vehicle. While many recalls are for issues that don’t affect vehicle safety, it is important for you to keep up with the recalls in case an issue is discovered that impairs your vehicle’s safety. Go to to find any recalls for your vehicle using your VIN.

Your attorney's ability to negotiate a full and fair settlement

Having an experience attorney handle your case will ultimately help determine your settlement amount. Without the proper experience, some attorneys may miss opportunities to seek maximum compensation. Our attorneys at Lionsgate Law all have the necessary skills and experience to ensure you are fairly compensated for your car accident. 

How We Help You Get Justice and Compensation in a Car Accident Lawsuit

  • Collecting Important Evidence
  • Collecting Medical Records
  • Pressuring Insurance Company to Approve Genuine Claim
  • Going Above and Beyond So That You Get Maximum Compensation
  • Representing Your Case in the Court

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We aim to make negligent drivers accountable for automobile accidents and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. 

We Help You Get the Car Accident Injury Compensation You Deserve!

Sure, our car accident lawyers cannot erase the trauma of the accident. But we ensure you get the full monetary compensation you deserve for the terrible losses caused by the accident. This way, you can pay for your medical bills, ongoing treatments, and other costs associated with an automobile accident.

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