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After fire damage, you turn to your insurers to recover for your losses, but unfortunately, they leave no stone unturned to delay or deny your claim.

We have handled cases of policyholders who had claims denied for years. This leads to anger, frustration, and disappointment when your insurer is supposed to help you. That’s why it’s crucial to seek the help of an experienced fire attorney who can make those problematic insurance companies pay for your losses. Many insurers deny claims hoping you won’t opt for legal aid and settle with a smaller amount.

If you are facing issues with claims from your fire insurer for losses, our insurance recovery attorneys will help you. We will investigate the claim and determine your eligibility for legal recourse.

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You opt for fire cover to get financial protection if fire damage occurs. If you cannot get the resolution desired from your fire claim, or if your claim is denied, some laws protect your rights as a policyholder. And we are here to help you get your fair and full compensation for fire damages from your insurers.

For more information or to set up a free case assessment, get in touch with our fire damage attorneys at 800-454-5299.

How Our Fire Attorneys Can Help You Get A Fair and Full Insurance Payout

Sure, you can file fire insurance claims alone. But what if your insurer delays your compensation or denies it? Insurance companies are powerful and have every method to bring down your claim. Sometimes, people make mistakes such as inadequate documentation, missing deadlines, and failing to account for all fire-related damages, which further reduces their chances of getting compensation. That’s why you need an experienced attorney specializing in fire cases. 

At Lionsgate Law, we have a team of fire attorneys in California that will review your case and make sure you get the insurance claim you are entitled to. No matter what issues you are experiencing, getting in touch with our fire case specialists can help you: 

  • Determine why you’re having problems with an insurance claim;
  • Increase the value of your claim and account for all damages
  • Protect your rights and negotiate on your behalf
  • Make sure that you get your claim as quickly as possible

Apart from that, we have access to resources that let us conduct separate assessments, which can be used in settlements and negotiations with the insurance company, should a dispute happen. 

Understanding the Compensation You Can Be Entitled to in Fire Damage

Depending on your insurance policy, various fire damage compensation may be available. Our California fire damage attorneys will examine your policy and the circumstances of your case to see what compensation you are entitled to. Replacement or repair costs of your destroyed property and living expenditures such as food, motels, and transport are all frequent sorts of compensation possible in a fire damage claim.

What if My Fire Damage Claim Was Denied?

Although fire damages are financially protected, most fire damage insurance claims are denied or underpaid straightway. 

This could result from simple errors made when filling out and submitting documents. It could also be due to more serious factors, such as your insurance provider attempting to avoid its responsibilities to compensate you.



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