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Risks of Getting Injured are Everywhere

Some activities have inevitable risks, such as driving a car or riding a roller coaster. 

But what if you sustain an injury while visiting a beauty salon, buying groceries, or taking your kids to the park? Getting injured is likely the last thing to expect in these places, or things are not as risky as driving a car.

But accidents do happen, especially when they are least expected. Maybe you’ll have a slip and fall accident while walking on a wet floor. Maybe you’ll get a dog bite. While even a minor injury can lead to substantial medical expenses, not everyone knows where to turn for compensation.

Don’t worry! 

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The claim made under premises liability varies based on the situation and accident type. We can help you if you have sustained injuries from the incidents listed below:


Don’t assume that because you were attacked while on someone else’s property, the owner of that property is not responsible for any injuries you sustain as a consequence of a dog bite. A dog can undoubtedly be categorized as a “hazardous condition” on a property. Depending on the circumstance, it may have been appropriate for a property owner to leash their dog to prevent an attack. 


Elevators and escalators are used in most establishments and structures to move people around. Elevators and escalators do, however, occasionally experience major accidents or glitches. If they do, the property owner, or manager, may be held accountable.


You may be able to file a claim for negligent security against the property owner where the incident occurred if you suffer harm due to a crime such as assault, sexual assault, battery, or other criminal conduct.

An example of a premises liability claim is a negligent security suit, which maintains that the property owner was negligent in failing to provide adequate security for the premises and that the criminal conduct (and your injuries) directly resulted from that failure. 


Slip and fall accidents are common due to various sidewalk and parking lot hazards, including ice and snow in some regions, as well as cracks, depressions, and other risks. The owner of the property, who is in charge of maintaining the sidewalk or parking lot, may be held accountable when someone is hurt in a slip and fall accident.


Accidents involving swimming pools and water, such as drowning and near-drowning, can be disastrous, causing severe injury to the victim. The property owner may be held accountable if the accident could have been prevented (i.e. there was a hazardous condition or inadequate supervision). 


Construction sites can be hazardous locations where heavy machinery, inadequate scaffolding, and other factors can cause serious accidents. Injured pedestrians and construction employees may bring a third-party liability lawsuit against the party at fault.


California is renowned for its theme parks, the most well-known of which are Disneyland, Six Flags, LEGOLAND, and others. While these parks may provide a fun-filled day in the sun, mishaps such as ride-related, slip-and-fall, and water-related incidents are common.

The aforementioned are just a few examples of the several premises liability claim types; however, any accident that takes place on another party’s property may be grounds for a claim.

This means that any owner of the property, including 

  • Private homeowners
  • Small-and medium-sized business owners
  • Owners of recreational properties
  • Owners of AirBnB or other vacation rental properties
  • Owners of apartments, condos, and housing developments
  • Government agencies in charge of public spaces like parks and post offices may be named in a lawsuit.

Common Injuries Covered by Premises Liability

Various accidents occur on any property, causing a wide range of injuries that a person can sustain. Our premises liability attorneys are experienced in representing your case and those injuries. 

Some of the common injuries sustained from a dangerous condition on any property are:


Traumatic brain injuries can occur as a result of being struck by an object on a construction site, slipping and falling, or near-drowning. A person’s thinking, language, memory, processing, speaking, sensation, emotion, and other abilities can all be impacted by brain injuries, which are frequently irreversible.


Since science and medical professionals have not yet created therapy for this kind of injury, a spinal cord injury is not just a catastrophic injury but also a permanent one. The ability to transmit signals between the brain and the rest of the body is interfered with when the spinal cord is injured in an accident. The outcome is permanent, partial, or total paralysis.



Animal attacks, falling objects, assault, slip and falls, amusement park accidents and more can cause bone fractures. However, bone fractures often come with varied severity; some might heal with time, while others can permanently hamper your normal activities.


Sprains and strains can happen when a body part is twisted, tugged, or forced into an unusual position, making them some of the most frequent injury kinds. Soft tissue injuries, like those caused by fractured bones, can range in severity and eventually heal entirely.


Injuries can sometimes leave victims with a lasting disability, disfigurement, or both. Consider a construction mishap when a worker’s arm becomes entangled in a machine and must be amputated, leaving the worker with a lifelong loss.


Or imagine a scenario in which a dog attacks a youngster, leaving them with disfiguring facial scars.


While those involved in incidents on dangerous premises nearly invariably experience physical injuries, the psychological injuries that victims sustain are frequently written off.


A person’s quality of life may be significantly impacted by psychological injuries, which can be very restricting and disabling. Anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder are common psychological harms that result from a premises liability event (PTSD).

What are the Common Risks Lurking at Any Premises?

Many factors, such as negligence or design flaws, make any premises risky. Some of the most common risks include:

  • Wet floors 
  • Uneven walking surfaces
  • Torn mat or carpets
  • Falling objects
  • Dogs
  • Food or drink spills

and more…

Had A Premises Liability or Slip & Fall Accident? Here’s What You Need to Do

If you or your loved one was injured at another party’s premises, make sure to take action as soon as possible to secure your right to compensation. Here’s what you need to do:

Inform the Owner:

The claims process must be started as soon as you inform the property owner of your accident and your injuries. Ask for a copy of the written report that you should submit to the property owner, manager, supervisor, etc.

Collect the Evidence:

If you can, obtain any necessary evidence at the site as soon as your accident happens. This includes images of the hazardous situation, the names of any witnesses, and an account of your activities at the time of the accident. Your case will be easier to fight with evidence. 

Get Medical Assistance:

Make sure to opt for medical care immediately after you sustain injuries. Otherwise, it might be challenging for you to prove your injuries for compensation. Getting medical care not only ensures you better recovery but also provides a piece of evidence that can make a difference in a liability claim. 

Get in Touch with a Premises Liability Lawyer: 

Getting medical care and filing an accident report are just the first steps to your compensation. Contact an experienced premises liability attorney to improve your chances of getting compensation. As soon as you contact our team, we will work towards building your claim, approaching the involved parties, computing your damages, and representing your settlement. 

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