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Pain, Financial Worries, Mental Trauma–Some Injuries Come with Life-Changing Impacts

While many injuries have short-term implications that can last weeks or months, some severe injuries can lead to life-altering effects such as fatality and permanent disability.

Because of the devastating effects on the victim’s life, these injuries are commonly referred to as “catastrophic” injuries.

Not only does a catastrophic injury victim suffer permanently, but so do those close to them. Family members and others close to the victim are frequently stressed due to the physical, mental, and financial burden that catastrophic injuries entail. After such injuries, the victim often requires daily support and care, requiring relatives and loved ones to change their lives as a result.

Helping You Get Compensation for Fractures, Burns, Trauma, and Other Injuries

Being involved in an accident caused by another person’s negligence can result in life-altering and serious injuries. It’s difficult to know where to turn for help when this takes place. Let us help you!

Our catastrophic injury lawyers have supported victims of devastating accidents and their families throughout California. We know how to fight for the justice you deserve so you may get back on your feet financially, physically, and emotionally.

From detailed case preparation to collecting medical evidence to assessing your case and litigating for full compensation, we are backed by experience, expertise, and dedication to supporting you in your tough times. 

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Understanding the Legal Definition of Catastrophic Injury 

Catastrophic injuries are defined as those that are so severe that they permanently alter the victim’s life following the incident. Examples include bone fractures, burns, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Each state and country has its own set of rules, and there isn’t always a clear definition of catastrophic injuries.

These are injuries that are so terrible that they can even leave you permanently disabled. When such injuries occur as a result of another person’s negligence or misconduct, that party (or parties) may be held financially liable for the victim’s losses.

Are Catastrophic Injury Cases and Personal Injury Cases Same?

Catastrophic injury cases are comparable to personal injury claims; however, the process may be more extensive and require additional investigation. It may take some time for injuries to be diagnosed or treatment plans to be implemented, for example. There is no need to be concerned as long as you have a skilled and experienced catastrophic injury attorney on your side.

What Are The Types of Catastrophic Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries are those that result in long-term or permanent repercussions such as chronic pain, irreversible organ or body part dysfunction, or limb or organ loss.

Some examples of these types of injuries are: 

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Damage to the spinal cord
  • Serious burns
  • Blindness injuries 
  • Deafness injuries 
  • Amputations 
  • Other brain injuries that result in lifelong cognitive, physical, or psychological disability
  • Chronic and irreversible lung damage
What Accidents Cause Catastrophic Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries can occur in various ways, the most common of which are motor vehicle and truck accidents. Falls, faulty safety equipment or protocol, or damaged machinery can also cause them on construction sites. Negligent property owners may be held liable for failing to provide a reasonably safe environment for guests. Negligent pet owners whose animals attack others aggressively may also be held responsible.

How Do You Determine the Liability in Catastrophic Injury Cases?

Determining who is at fault in catastrophic injury cases is difficult since multiple parties may be involved indirectly in some scenarios. For example, the parties involved if your injuries were caused by faulty machinery at your place of business may include the machinery manufacturer, your employer, and several others.

It is critical to identify all parties liable to guarantee that all your damages are paid for primarily because catastrophic injury cases often result in significant financial losses.

There’s no need to do this on your own. Allow us to assist you in obtaining full and fair compensation for your catastrophic injury.

How Our Catastrophic Injury Lawyers Can Help You

At Lionsgate Law Group, we will conduct a comprehensive investigation into your case to discover who may have contributed to your injury. Our lawyers can then document and preserve the evidence needed to take on the other party or their insurer.

We can also create a prediction of the cost of future medical treatment and other expenses you might incur throughout your life. This estimate could include costs such as remodeling your home and car to meet your compromised physical state, as well as evaluating the price of any treatments, therapies, prescriptions, medical equipment, and other injuries-related needs.

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Sure, no one is prepared for the life-altering changes caused by a catastrophic injury. But asking for compensation from the guilty parties is your right so that you can minimize the impact.

When you turn to our catastrophic injury attorneys for help, you can be confident knowing that you are getting dependable counsel backed by decades of experience and expertise. We know how to deal with these complicated cases. Get in touch for a free consultation today! 

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