Everyone loves a convenient way to get from point A to point B; with the growing popularity of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, it has become easier than ever before. The growth in ridership and rideshare vehicles has led to an increase in accident reports.

Below are some important ride-sharing accident statistics that help ensure your safety.

Uber and Lyft accident statistics

  • There are 2 million Lyft drivers in Canada and the United States, whereas there are about 3.9 million Uber drivers in a total of 63 countries.
  • With an estimated 12.5 million active monthly users, Lyft is just as popular as its rival Uber, which has 93 million monthly active users around the world. With such numbers, it’s not surprising that rideshare accidents happen regularly!
  • Due to the rise in popularity of rideshare platforms such as Uber and Lyft, accidents involving cars have increased by around 1000 each day.
  • The majority of ride-share consumers (60%) solely use Uber. 26% use Lyft. However, 13% report using both.
  • Between 2017 and 2018, Uber vehicles alone were the cause of 97 fatal car accidents which led to 107 deaths in total.
  • The number of car accidents in 2020 totaled more than 247,214. This resulted in more than 105,382 injuries and 1,658 deaths in the United States.
  • Urban areas are the most likely places for rideshare accidents to happen. They account for 90% of all such accidents.
  • Rideshare accidents typically occur during rideshare pick-up and drop-off.
  • Uber cars had a higher number of deadly car crashes than yellow taxis in the New York area by the end of 2015.
  • There has been a 2% to 3% increase in accident fatalities due to the rise of Uber and Lyft services. With this, there are as many as 1100 mortalities on the road each year.


In summary, Uber and Lyft usage continues to rise. The number of rideshare vehicles on the road is going up too. So, there’s been a steady increase in accidents, damages, injuries, and deaths.

Can you sue Uber or Lyft for a rideshare accident?


Rideshare companies are often covered by insurance policies and provide ways to file claims if a driver is found to be at fault for an accident.

The California Vehicle Code requires ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft to carry $1 million in insurance coverage for accidents attributable to their drivers. Doing so protects the company against any potential harm that may result from drivers’ negligence.

The statute of limitations in California is 2 years, so, you must file a lawsuit within two years of the incident.

Drivers are only covered when they are logged into the company’s app at the time of the accident. Nonetheless, if a driver is off duty and involved in a car collision, they would be covered by their personal car insurance policy.

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