Uber and Lyft are two popular ways to get around town in California. They both offer services through a smartphone application; riders can use their phones to book a ride and then choose the driver who is closest to their current location. However, rideshare vehicles have increased the rate of accidents. With that in mind, below are four common causes of Uber or Lyft accidents:

Navigating unfamiliar areas

When driving a car, it’s important to be familiar with the area. Unfamiliarity can cause drivers to drive erratically and possibly lead to accidents. Rideshare driving involves traveling to different areas each day. While the average driver may be familiar with a certain route, Uber and Lyft drivers generally drive in unfamiliar areas which may cause them to have accidents. 

The GPS application used by rideshare drivers is very effective at guiding them through unfamiliar locations. With this app, they can easily find their way and make fewer mistakes.

Traffic laws violation

When it comes to keeping your drivers and passengers safe on the road, traffic rules are more important than you might think. Drivers need to obey these laws so that other drivers can know what they are doing and drive accordingly. 

Common traffic violations include passing in a no-passing zone, running red lights, not signaling, blowing through a stop sign, texting while driving, or speeding.


Speeding can lead to several driving errors including underestimating the speed of an oncoming vehicle, failing to drive in the correct lane, stopping too quickly, and braking suddenly at intersections.

It is not uncommon for rideshare drivers to speed in order to meet the high demand of riders. A large majority of accidents that involve rideshare vehicles are made worse because they were sped up before the collision.

Distracted driving

Rideshare drivers are more susceptible to distractions while they drive.  The most common distractions for rideshare drivers are chatting with passengers and using their devices. They often have their eyes glued to their rideshare app and GPS during ride time, which can distract them. With their attention being pulled away from the road, they have an increased risk of being involved in an accident.

Is it possible to seek compensation for injuries suffered in a rideshare accident?

Do you suffer from injuries following an accident involving a ride-share vehicle? If so, you may be able to pursue compensation for your medical expenses and pain and suffering. Compensation for injuries can be sought if they are caused by the negligence of a driver. You should seek advice from an experienced attorney that specializes in personal injury law. They will help you understand your claim and give you clarity as to how you can move forward with your case.

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