A trip and fall accident occurs when someone trips, stumbles and falls. These accidents can be severe because they cause people to lose their balance and fall onto hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. This can lead to injuries such as cuts from broken glass or bruises from falling onto the ground.

In many of these cases, the property owners are at fault for not taking the appropriate measures to avoid such accidents from occurring in the first place. Sometimes, the blame is placed on an inattentive or reckless faller.

Take safety seriously; it’s only a matter of time before someone close to you suffers an accident due to inadequate property management. Risks can be minimized and avoided by following the proper measures to prevent trips and falls. A few easy and inexpensive steps include ensuring good lighting and removing clutter from walkways. 

Here are a few guidelines to help prove an accident wasn’t your fault.

Prove the other party was negligent

A person must prove that the other party’s negligence caused their injury to be eligible for compensation. They should gather any evidence that proves their case, including pictures and videos of the accident scene and any witnesses who might be able to help. They should also document any injuries they have incurred, their medical expenses, and other related costs. 

Prove you complied with the rules

Breaking the rules could lessen your chances of proving that you weren’t at fault for a trip and fall accident. In this case, it would be hard to attribute responsibility for a fall to someone else because if you were careless and tripped, it is your fault. If it can be shown that you followed the rules and this happened nevertheless, you may be able to prove you are not blameworthy. 

Get a seasoned attorney

The help of a personal injury attorney is often necessary after an accident. It’s best to act fast to secure the best possible outcome. A personal injury lawyer will be able to advise you of what options are available to you after an accident and customize a plan for your case. 

What a personal injury lawyer can do for your case

An experienced lawyer will help resolve issues with your medical care if you were injured, get compensation for damages, and work hand-in-hand with your insurance company to settle on beneficial terms for all parties involved. The trip and fall lawyer will assess your case and look at it from every angle to decide if you should pursue compensation for any injuries or property damage. Your attorney can:

Gather the needed evidence

Gathering evidence for your case could be daunting if you don’t know what kind of proof may be necessary. A trip and fall attorney knows what evidence constitutes proof and can help you gather them for your claim.

Walk you through your options 

A trip and fall lawyer can walk you through the details of your case and help you make an informed decision about what is in your best interest. They will discuss your legal options with you, including but not limited to whether it makes sense for you to accept less than what you are entitled to under your insurance policy or whether going to court is right for you.

Negotiate with the insurer

Most insurance companies are only interested in paying the lowest dollar amount. A seasoned personal injury attorney will be able to negotiate a much higher settlement than what is offered by the insurance company.

Handle legal action

A trip and fall lawyer has a thorough understanding of the legal aspects of your case and can help you navigate the legal system from start to finish. Your attorney knows all of the procedures involved in claiming compensation for your injuries and would help ensure that you receive all of what is rightfully yours.

We are here to help you get back on your feet and walk away from this with a settlement that is fair. Due to our wealth of experience with trip and fall accidents, we can prove that there were other factors at play in your accident, like hazardous conditions on the ground, that made the fall unavoidable. Get in touch with us. We are always happy to answer any questions or inquiries that you may have.

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