You may have experienced a serious injury as a result of an accident, psychological
impairment, and missed work days – the records prove it! Proper documentation is essential in
getting paid for your medical bills and lost wages, as well as making sure you get what you
deserve from insurance companies. Here are key documents you should gather after a
motorcycle accident:

Police report
The police report is an essential document for anyone involved in a crash. It provides
information about who was involved, where the accident took place, and statements from the
driver, witnesses as well as any other passengers involved in the crash.
The report contains the officer’s impression of what happened in the accident and it can be used
by your attorney as a roadmap for building their investigation. You can get a copy by providing
relevant information to the police station. This includes who was involved, what time the
accident took place, and the location.

Pictures are a powerful tool to help you preserve your evidence and move forward with your
claim. At the scene of an accident, you can be pretty sure that there are plenty of things to take
pictures of. Take photos of all vehicle damages, physical injuries sustained, and any evidence
that shows weather conditions. Also, take pictures of the road at the scene of an accident.
Several insurance companies have created app versions of their services to make it easier for
customers to take and submit photographs.

Medical reports
After a motorcycle accident, it is advisable to collect the medical reports of any doctors or
hospitals that treated you in case they are needed as evidence in the future. Medical reports
serve as proof that your injuries were sustained as a direct result of an accident. It's of vital
importance to record the date and name of all medical providers, as well as the date of your
treatment. Also, keep track of each medical bill and invoice which will show how much you've

Proof of lost income

Accurate documentation can prove whether or not your injuries affected your ability to complete
job functions. If you’ve missed work due to an accident, it’s a good idea to show proof that your
injuries kept you from being able to return.
Relevant records can show how the injury affected your work schedule. For instance, missed
paycheck stubs will show how much income was missed. You could also provide evidence of
days off due to this injury.
To be fully compensated, document how many days were missed and how much income was
lost. This way, your attorney will protect you and make sure your interests are defended.

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