When you get involved in a Lyft accident, you may wonder who will be liable for the accident. Many drivers think they’re not responsible at all, but are they really off the hook?

The only thing worse than an accident is not knowing who’s responsible. If you’re involved in an accident with a Lyft driver, you must know who’s liable for injuries and damages. Keep reading to learn more about liability and what you should do if you’re involved in a Lyft accident.

Liability for Lyft accidents

Lyft provides liability coverage for its drivers in the event of a car accident, depending on the conditions of the crash. Liability will depend on the situation, so it can vary from case to case.

To be eligible for Lyft accident compensation, you must be able to prove that the other party was at fault.

A driver may be considered reckless in causing the crash and liable to the other involved passengers or drivers. To prove negligence, a claimant must provide evidence that points to the driver’s carelessness. People involved in a car accident can also file a claim against Lyft transport company. You must complete paperwork to file a claim against the driver involved in the accident.

The driver’s status in the Lyft application is important in determining liability for a Lyft accident. Understanding this can help you decide if your Lyft driver will be liable for your accident and which insurance company will pay for your damages.

Insurance coverage

Lyft provides liability insurance to cover its drivers while they’re on the platform. To qualify, the drivers should have their own collision and comprehensive coverage beforehand. To make a Lyft driver injury claim, the following must have occurred:

  • A rider must be in the vehicle
  • The other driver must be the cause of the crash


When you suffer injuries, many factors determine how much your settlement should be. For instance, how severe the injury is. Depending on the severity of your injury, Lyft’s settlement amount can vary anywhere from as low as $300,000 to $1 million. Those with injuries that heal without a disability or significant surgery will receive a lower settlement than those with disabling injuries that may require serious surgery and physical therapy.

Here’s what to do after a Lyft accident

In the aftermath of a Lyft accident, it is common for a client to be unsure about what to do next. In a situation like this, it’s vital first to seek medical attention. It’s advisable not to refuse medical treatment and check-ups after an injury due to potential health risks. Additionally, the medical professional can provide you with proof of the injuries you sustained. Calling the police is another essential step in making insurance claims and moving forward with legal action. The evidence they provide is proven to be undeniable in court.

Also, gather relevant details about the crash, including pictures of the scene, names and contact information of witnesses, the driver’s name and contact information, etc.

It is advised to call Lyft’s emergency number as soon as possible to notify them and file for any compensation you may be entitled to. Their representative may record all interactions to document your history with the company and protect their interests. This information may later be used to lessen the amount of money you would be offered.

Lyft or insurance companies may ask you to sign some documents. Contact an experienced Lyft accident lawyer before signing documents. A personal injury lawyer makes navigating your legal and insurance options easier after the accident.

A Lyft-related accident can often be handled quickly with the help of our law firm. Lionsgate Law Group is an expert in this area and knows how to get you the compensation you deserve for your injury, property damage, and losses. We’ll get things moving immediately so you can enjoy a life free of stress and worry!

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