Not everyone knows what to do when it comes to car accidents. If you’ve been in a fender bender in California and don’t know if you should call law enforcement, keep reading.

Is a fender bender a big deal?

Most people see a fender bender and immediately think of an accident that could have been much worse if the persons involved were not careful.

Although fender benders may be less likely to lead to serious injury or death than other types of vehicle accidents, they can still lead to plenty of damage and cost money.

Should you call the police?

Don’t get caught up in the moment and leave the scene before calling the police. 

Always call law enforcement officers to the scene no matter how minor the accident was in order to protect your legal rights.

Not only can this help you prove liability against the negligent driver but you can move forward if the insurance company tries to skip out on paying for the damages.

Reasons why you need to call law enforcement

1. To protect the scene of the accident

The law enforcement officer has a responsibility to protect all involved parties. The police can take charge of the scene, block off traffic, and make sure that people do not tamper with evidence.

2. To investigate the accident

In a car accident, you want an unbiased and respected voice at the scene. That’s why it is always best to call the police when there is an accident.

Police officers are trained to investigate accidents. They help evaluate the cause of an accident and determine if the other driver is liable for the damages. The police can also administer preliminary breath alcohol tests, which can be vital in determining whether someone was under the influence at the time of an accident.

3. To preserve essential evidence

Now, you don’t want the other driver to have the time to destroy important evidence. Make sure you call law enforcement on time to conduct investigations on the accident site and preserve evidence.

If you don’t call law enforcement on time, important evidence could be gone forever.

4. You’ll get a police report

A crucial reason you should call the police after a fender bender is to get them to document what has happened. They have been trained to write clear and detailed reports. You’ll need this if you want the at-fault driver to face repercussions for their actions.

The document will capture the details regarding the cause of the collision, as well as a detailed account of any damage sustained.

Police reports are helpful if you need to file a claim against the other party or even against your own insurance company.

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