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When you or a loved one experiences the pain and trauma of a personal injury accident, you will need a team of dedicated attorneys working in your best interests. The legal team at Lionsgate Law Group is the right choice for you. We have years of expertise and experience. We are deeply committed to protecting your rights and securing your justice.

At the Lionsgate Law Group, we treat our clients like people, not statistics or settlements. We understand that when you come to us, you are going through a difficult time. Your recovery is our mission, and we will provide you with unwavering personal and financial support.

We believe that firms should evolve as much as the law does, and that face-time with clients is where our value lies. We define our success by the number of strong relationships we maintain, which is why most of our clients were recommended to us by other attorneys.

We pledge to stand by you, fight hard for justice, and only pursue action that directly benefits you. The Lionsgate Law Group is different from other personal injury firms. Call us for a consultation and see the difference for yourself.


Lionsgate Law Group, APC headquarters are located in Sherman Oaks, California. With satellite offices located throughout the great State of California. If you do not have transportation to meet us at our locations we can always come to you no matter where in California you are located.

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