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Although California is one of the most bike-friendly states, it ranks first or second in total bike accident fatalities across the nation. In 2020 alone, 1,369 bicyclists sustained injuries, and 10 lost their lives in traffic accidents. Bicycle accident deaths account for 4% of the total traffic casualties in California. The busy roads of the state are not safe for bicyclists, surrounded by heavy cars, public transit buses, endless scooters, and a heavy influx of pedestrians. Bicycle accidents are likely to happen unexpectedly. 

Top of that, bike accidents go unreported in the state. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which collects accident data, only considers bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles (although many factors lead to bicycle accidents).

According to one study, three out of four drivers involved in bicycle accidents never get a citation for their crimes. That’s why getting justice for a bicycle accident victim is quite tricky. The accident itself is only the beginning of an extremely long process of opting for an insurance claim, determining fault, and getting the compensation to move on with life.

It is crucial to hire an experienced bicycle injury lawyer. This way, you will have someone in your corner familiar with the state’s laws and can outwit insurance companies.  

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Our bicycle injury attorneys will fight for you to secure total and fair compensation. Thanks to our proven track record of success handling matters related to personal bicycle accidents.

 We are familiar with the tricks played by insurance companies to deny and bring down bicycle accident claims and how the California Vehicle Code impacts your case.

Our team will stand by your side and represent your case to get the compensation you deserve.

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The state's bicycle standards outlined in California Vehicle Code VC 21201 include:
  • Working brakes: Riding a bike with faulty brakes is prohibited (and dangerous).
  • Handlebars: These must be the right size for the rider, and they must not be higher than the rider’s shoulder height.

When cycling in the dark, there are additional requirements:

  • Bicycles must have a lamp or headlight visible from 300 feet in front or on either side of the bicycle.
  • A red reflector must be attached to the back of the bike and visible from at least 500 feet away.
  • White or yellow reflectors must be attached to the bike pedals.
How Long After a Bike Accident Can You File a Claim in California

In California, a bicycle accident victim has two years from the date of the accident to file a claim for damages, known as the statutory period. A judge may dismiss your claim if you do not file within this time frame.

However, leniency can be granted if the victim is incapable of filing a claim or suffers from mental incompetence, particularly if the accident’s injuries caused the incompetence.

Furthermore, if you did not appear to be injured at the time of the accident but later learned that you did have injuries due to the accident, you may be granted an extension on the statutory term.

Obey the speed limit

Under California Law, Cyclists are required to follow the legal speed limit the same way motor vehicles are. 

Proving Fault in Bike Accidents in California

When a car collides with a bicycle, the driver is always at fault in some states. However, in California, this is not the case; the negligent party is to blame, and that person is responsible for all damages. Under California law, negligence is defined as “failure to act in a way anticipated by a reasonably prudent person acting in similar circumstances” under California law.

The crash must have resulted in property damage or bodily harm to claim the motorist was negligent. It must also be proven that the motorist was negligent and that their negligence caused the accident.

California adopts a Pure Comparative Negligence Model where both parties are at fault in an accident. So, if one party is 25% at blame and the other is 75% at fault, the former party is entitled to 75% of the damages but is responsible for 25% of the overall losses.


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